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Old-fashioned service,
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To make your IT life easier so you can focus on what you do best.

Meet David

Passionate about giving people the IT tools they need to follow their passions, David Klug is the founder and friendly face behind Personos. David is personable, professional, and relentlessly curious—always across the latest in tech to be a trusted partner for all your IT needs.

A history of humanising IT

David has always thrived at the intersection of technology and business, with humble yet innovative beginnings building and selling computers to his teachers while he was still at school.

He now has over 2 decades experience delivering world-class personalised, secure and supported IT solutions. From sorting the IT needs of the team behind the London Olympics, to supporting the IT needs for Hitachi Consulting and now leading his own managed IT services firm, David has seen it all. He knows what works best and how to deliver it at a competitive rate.

David has worked for:
Zersion UK
Hitachi Consulting
HDI Group
Global Network Systems
London Development Agency
UK Mission Enterprise

He has consulted for:
Operating Consulting Partners

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