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Our Expert IT consulting delivers advice you can trust by people who care, respond quickly, and know their stuff. Our IT solutions for small-to-medium businesses are integrated, fit-for-purpose and cutting-edge — taking the pain away from IT so you can focus on what really matters.

We help you deliver better outcomes for your business

Improved productivity through cloud enhancements
Optimised hardware, software and services
More robust security including data privacy and sovereignty
Informed and efficient management decisions through our overview of your services

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Let us deal with your I.T. so you can focus on your mission

Offload the time you spend on I.T.
Simplify your I.T.
Get the reassurance of dedicated support
Bolster your defence against cyber-threats
Keep up-to-date and compliant
Save time and money with our agile and cost-effective solutions
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Personalised solutions

Instead of copy-and-paste solutions, we get personal. We care about connecting with you and your infrastructure, combining that with our up-to-date knowledge of products to provide seamlessly integrated, productive and cost-effective solutions that fit.

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Global experience, neighbourly support

Although we offer a more intimate and personable service, we have a depth of experience across the UK and New Zealand. Founder and friendly face of Personos, David has over two decades of experience delivering world-class personalised, secure and supported IT solutions.

David has worked for:
Zersion UK | Hitachi Consulting | London Development Agency | UK Mission Enterprise | HDI Group | Global Network Systems

He has consulted for:
Lumyna | Operating Consulting Partners | PeopleCheck

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Dave Klug has provided excellent, cost effective and responsive support and guided us to the most appropriate technology solutions for our needs.

David Delvin
Director Operational Consulting

David is a seasoned professional and a great partner to work with. With a focus on business outcomes, David has demonstrated strong technical competence across a range of software products and helped us make the right strategic decisions.

Mahesh Nair
CTO Lumyna Investments

In a fast-moving and innovative business like ours, David's consistently responsive and agile approach has been crucial to us. David is a trustworthy professional with a great depth of knowledge who always provides meaningful solutions.

David Hutchinson
CEO PeopleCheck

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We’re ahead of the curve so you can be too. We offer training and talks about current requirements and compliance, tech trends and what’s just around the corner.

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